Notice on Hdac distribution for presale participants

The DAC in your Hdac voucher received during the presale will be sent to your private Hdac wallet.

Please go through the instructions for Hdac distribution procedure below carefully.

  • 1 All Hdac presale participants have to sign up on this website to proceed with Hdac distribution. Enter your email address and password and click on ‘Send confirmation email’ button. Check your inbox and complete the signing up process by confirming your email. (※If you have a Hdac web voucher, you MUST enter the same email address which used for Hdac web voucher)
  • 2 After signing in with the registered email and password, please set up Two factor Authentication(OTP) from ‘Security Authentication’.
  • 3 In the ‘My Hdac voucher address registration' tab, please register the ‘voucher information’ which the DAC was paid during the Hdac presale.
    • If you have a Hdac app voucher(Android app), please open your ‘Hdac voucher app’ and copy the voucher information by clicking the `Balance copy 'button on the main screen and paste the copied information into the `Enter your DAC Balance’(at ‘My Hdac voucher address registration' tab) to check your DAC balance.
    • If you have a Hdac web voucher(Website), please check whether the email address on the screen is same with the email address which you used for Hdac presale web voucher.
  • 4 If your DAC amount is correct, click the ‘Save’ button and if the amount is not correct, please send an email to When it’s saved, you can check the amount of your ‘Expected DAC'.(Please remind that saved information CANNOT be edited)
  • 5 If the DAC amount in your Hdac presale voucher and the expected DAC amount on the distribution info are identical, click on ‘I have confirmed my distribution info’ check box.
  • 6 Download and install the setup file relevant to your device from ‘My Hdac wallet setup’ and create your Hdac wallet. Then register the created wallet address on this website. (※ Please register the newly created address which was downloaded and NEVER register the voucher address used for presale.)
  • 7 Once you have completed with the wallet registration, DAC will be sent.
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